Marhaba Joshanda Salam (35 grams)


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PKR 30

Marhaba’s Joshanda is an effective herbal remedy for flu, cough and cold - an expectorant. It relieves chest congestion stuffiness of nose and sore throat. Boil well in a cup full of water, strain and take it while hot. Relieves chest congestion Remedy for flu, cough and cold Stuffiness of nose Sore throat Indications: Relieves in cold, cough, and flue.Curer Fever due to flue.It has soothing effect on throat.Boosts up immence system. Precautions: Keep at cool and dry place.Consult physician if required. Manufactured by: Marhaba Pvt Ltd Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan Storage Instruction: Store in cool dry Places Package: Box

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